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Our partnerships

ENHANCE maintains strong relationships with companies that deliver complimentary services and share the same, professional, customer-centric attitude.

We value our expanded network to our partners and promote a friendly, professional approach to business.

 CRM Solution Providers:

Baan (UK) Limited

Baan recognises ENHANCE as being a leading CRM services provider. ENHANCE assists Baan UK, promoting their CRM solution throughout the UK user base.



ENHANCE is a UK reseller for the CustomerSoft™ ESP enterprise CRM solution. We understand its strengths and would impartially recommend an evaluation to specific customers where appropriate.


 Service Providers:

Webweavers Designs

Providing specialised web site optimisation to ensure high visibility to users when searching the internet. Webweavers also offer the YourAmigo™ product suite, enabling web search visibility on database information and automated indexing of document information within a customer's enterprise.




Borland's technology enables the control and visibility of large scale enterprise projects throughout their complete life-cycle. From user requirements to quality assurance and change requests, Borland's application life-cycle management tools maintain project integrity and much more.



Manta Consultancy

Specialist CRM expertise focused in the Netherlands. Manta Consultancy offers ENHANCE an extension of services within Europe.


 Technology Providers:


ViStorm provides IT infrastructure solutions that are secure, scalable, and highly resilient. They are leading experts in centralised deployable solutions, with their advanced Citrix expertise.




Offering unsurpassed web hosting facilities at very affordable rates. I-Tec pride themselves on their level of technical expertise, delivered in a very customer orientated way.



Computer Terminal Services

Providing hardware support and network services, CTS have built an extensive and loyal customer base with their quality of service and proactive approach. Their rapid response means system downtime remains minimal.




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