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ENHANCE in the News

Hadley Industries CRM Focus

Enhance assist with Hadley's CRM initiative implementing SSA Global's full iBaan CRM suite. Enhance's involvement includes project management, customisations, product training and general support & consultancy.


Invensys Powerware's global CRM initiative

Enhance is assisting Powerware with their CRM implementation throughout the UK and Europe. In co-ordination with Powerware US, a central knowledge base will provide a corporate overview of their entire business.


Enhance Partners in the News

CustomerSoft benefits from Call Centre Outsourcing

A strategic alliance with Concerto which provides enhanced Customer Interaction Management and Customer Telephony Integration capabilities has significantly enhanced the market position of CustomerSoft in the Middle East and India with UK companies outsourcing operations in India.



CRM News

Need for business involvement in CRM

Three quarters of CRM projects that do not deliver measurable return on invesent will have failed due to poor business executive decision making not technology limitations, according to new research from Gartner Group.


Source: CRM-Forum  

Rental CRM is on the rise

Companies are increasingly looking to rent rather than buy software, changing the nature of the CRM marketplace in the process.


Source: Aberdeen Group

Internet News

Enhance involvement with website promotion

Read how Enhance is helping business promote their products and services over the internet with website build & promotional packages.


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