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Providing Baan CRM Services

With an accumulated 25 years experience delivering Baan CRM solutions to the market, ENHANCE considers itself the leading independent Baan CRM services provider in the UK.

 Recognise the value of Baan CRM:

   Adopt a CRM strategy for your business
   Overview on Baan CRM product suite
   GAP analysis on standard Baan CRM functionality
   Build a ROI analysis for Baan CRM
   Compile a business case for Baan CRM

 Deliver your Baan CRM solution:

   Detailed business requirements specification
   Outline any business specific customisations
   Construct accurate project plan
   Deliver phased implementation for short-term benefit
   Integrate Baan CRM to your business enterprise

 Personalised Baan CRM training:

   Admin - data setup, maintenance, security, screen customisations ...
   CRM - prospecting, contacts, quotations, proposals ...
   Marketing - campaign management, scripting, lead generation ...
   Management - forecasting, sales funnels, reporting ...
   Configuration - knowledge capture, model design, deployment ...

 Complimentary additions to your Baan CRM solution:

   Undelete - include windows functionality inside Baan CRM
   Custom Search - user friendly tool to create custom searches
   What's New? - expand this utility with more information
   Audit Trail - track all activity inside your Baan CRM application
   Quick Address - automatic validation of UK address information
   Config Spreadsheets - integrate ConfigurationPlus with MS Excel


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Project Management

understand how ENHANCE can help in delivering your CRM solution
Understand how ENHANCE can help you deliver your CRM solution...
sales configuration
Use configuration to dramatically increase revenue and reduce cost...
CRM Training
CRM Training
Let ENHANCE deliver personalised CRM training to your workforce...