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Sales Configuration

Complex Selling made Simple 

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The Benefits of Mass Customisation

Sales configuration provides the tools to support mass customisation.The philosophy around mass customisation is to build personalised products from many standard components.

With the mass customisation approach, you sell a combination of standard components and unique products. Hence, many conventional engineer-to-order companies see the benefits in moving to a make-to-order process, reducing production costs and increasing sales revenue.

Sales configuration will look to provide the following:

 Increase Revenue    Reduce Cost  
 Increase customer satisfaction  Eliminate order rework
 Shorter sales cycles  Efficient information distribution
 Unassisted order entry  Reduced sales training
 Consistent information  

This is only possible with a sales configuration concept. Complexity resides in many aspects of a sales cycle








 Construct dynamic  bill of materials   Analyse selections for recommendations   Provide component prices & discounts   Personalised documents from multiple sources
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