Project life cycle management - using Borland technology to manage enterprise projects


Project Life Cycle Management

Managing Enterprise Projects 

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Borland's Project Life Cycle Management Tools

Borland provides a vendor-independent implementation platform, providing developers of e-business solutions with rapid time to market, high productivity, performance and availability.

ENHANCE has adopted this technology for large scale enterprise projects, increasing visibility and control throughout the project. As a direct result, the associated high risk of large projects is dramatically reduced.

Requirements Capture : CalibreRM™

   Central repository of information
   Team communication - online chat and email capability
   Change control and automatic notification
   Audit trail and change history
   Project impact analysis
   Seamless integration with development implementation
   Flexible reporting formats across multiple projects

Change Management Control : StarTeam®

   Centralised source control with secure web access
   Supports multiple development platforms simultaneously
   Workflow with change approval and structured process control
   Version control and full audit capability
   Supports parallel development with merge/compare functionality
   Automatic change notification via e-mail


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Understand how ENHANCE can help you deliver your CRM solution...