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Need for business involvement in CRM

Three quarters of CRM projects that do not deliver measurable return on invesent will have failed due to poor business executive decision making not technology limitations, according to new research from Gartner Group.

In a new report entitled "Building Business Benefits From CRM: How to Design the Strategy, Processes and Architecture to Succeed," Gartner examines the strategy, planning, implementation, and supporting technologies and services required to roll out CRM successfully.

The report argues that companies embarking on CRM projects must understand the critical components of successful CRM strategy development and implementation as around half of them will fail to meet the expectations of senior management.

"In addition to delivering measurable results and value, technology implementations must be aligned with strategic goals," said Joe Galvin, vice president and research director at Gartner. "Alignment among enterprise strategies, business processes and applications of technology is often missing in CRM initiatives. To improve the chances of project success, focus on ensuring that technology implementations are tied to specific business benefits and the delivery of measurable ROI."

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