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CRM Training Services

Invesent in your people is critical to an efficient workforce. A key part of that invesent is user training. ENHANCE works with a business to tailor CRM training courses to meet their specific requirements.

 CRM Training Benefits

To accept change, users must recognise the benefit for themselves. Something as fundamental as CRM, the benefits must be sold down the business hierarchy to the end-users. It's just as important to answer "why" as it is to answer "how".

The following are guidelines to the various CRM training courses on offer:


Management Presentations:

   Delivering a CRM business case
   Implementing a CRM strategy
   Measuring your CRM effectiveness

Application Courses:

   Baan CRM SalesPlus
   Baan CRM Configuration Modeling

   Baan CRM Pricer

   Baan CRM Administration

   Baan CRM Performance


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