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The ultimate search toolset to make intranet or internet content 100% visible  

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Index, Search, Retrieve

The YourAmigo™ search software offers a unique solution that enables all of your business enterprise content to be indexed, including unlinked and dynamically created (database) information. YourAmigo™ is the only software package in the World to be able to do this.

 YourAmigo Spider Linker™

Enables all web site content, including unlinked pages and database records, visible to the existing Internet search engines (eg: Google, Alta Vista and FAST).

   Increased web visibility
   Increased user traffic
   Users see your products from internet searching
   100% web content visible to user searches

   Automatic updates when web content changes


 YourAmigo™ Portal Search

This tool provides the capability to simultaneously search a number of related websites through a single Web Portal. Also alerts users when pre-selected information has been updated. Very useful for businesses who transact with suppliers and distributors. Portal Search can search all content on the web portal plus all of the content on the members' web sites. Members gain a genuine benefit from the "group's" web portal as a central point to attract enquiries and business.

   Extensive web searching
   Automatic alert on changing information
   Increase service to partners
   Collaboration of information


 YourAmigo™ Unique Features

There are many search engine technologies available for the web. What makes YourAmigo™ unique are the following features:

   Guaranteed 100% indexed information
   Transfer efficiency - only transfer changed data (not whole document)
   User access privileges
   Scalable - caters for small businesses and large corporations
   Flexible sliding price policy
   Unique architecture (avoids conventional spider limitations)
No other toolset can deliver the same level of functionality


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Display personalised web pages for your users and ease site maintenance...
understand how portals can support your workforce and distributors
Provide quick and reliable access to all your business information...