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Call Centre Operations

Enhance sees call centre technology as part of a strategy to deliver superior customer service, and successfully acquire, retain and grow valuable customer relationships. The emphasis of call centre operations have been customer service and support - focusing mainly on customer inbound requests and issue logging.

Call centre operations have expanded. More organisations are broadening their need with outbound marketing and pro-active customer management.

The iscolation of call centre operations is also a thing of the past. Organisations are providing customers with a choice of contact interaction - internet, e-mail and SMS messages are all services the consumer is coming to expect.

However, organisations have been quick to realise call centre solutions do not come cheap. The trend is shifting to outsourcing call centre operations to reduce ever increasing cost.

Enhance recognises these needs and has affiliations with some of the world-leaders in call centre solutions. We can provide the expert resource required to provide a fully functional, integrated call centre solution either in-house or outsourced.

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