Web Site Database - utilise dynamic data to deliver personalised information to the user and reduce web site maintenance


Web Site Database

Deliver Personalised Information 

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The Relevance of Dynamic Data

 Personalised Web Pages:

Transform your static web pages by deploying a web database to provide dynamic data through your web pages. Dynamic data means you can supply information specific to each user, providing them with a greatly enhanced service.
   Increased relevancy
   Increased user loyalty

 Web Site Maintenance:

In addition to providing dynamic data, a web database will dramatically reduce the time and effort to maintain your page content. This is especially relevant with product catalogue information. Your web page editor can be replaced with a maintenance screen specific to maintaining your dynamic data.

   Reduce page maintenance
   Increase page consistency

 Web Site Expansion:

A web database can provide more than product catalogue information. It can hold any information you desire. The most valuable asset in your business is your knowledge base. Knowledge is power, enabling you to take control and interact with your users.
   Track where users travel around your site
   Identify "hot" & "cold" pages
   Deliver time-sensitive information
   Multi-lingual capability
   "Push" offers to specific users
   E-commerce online trading


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