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Web Portal - Centralised Information

Secure Access to your Business Enterprise 

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Intranet Solution / Extranet Solution

 Web Portal - Information Repository:

A web portal provides the user with fast, secure access to business critical information. Access limited to a business' direct workforce is termed an "Intranet Solution". If a business intranet is expanded to include third-party organisations (partners, agents) it is referred to as an "Extranet Solution".

For a business, a web portal provides greater control over deployment of information to a workforce. With centralised information, maintenance is reduced and updates can be readily deployed through your business enterprise.

   Secure access
   Instant availability to critical information
   Collaboration of business critical information
   Links to external information repositories
   Consistently up-to-date business information
   Visibility and control over all users

 Web Portal - Application Repository:

User applications can also be run through a web portal. Those traditionally run in a windows environment on a PC can be moved centrally. Thus creating an application repository.

To the user, applications that once worked in isolation, now interact seamlessly with other applications, sharing information. To the administrator, any software updates can be done once and the common problem of corrupted PC environments is diminished.

   Improved integration between applications
   Standardise application usage across the enterprise
   High reduction in IT support and maintenance
   Reduced spend on PC hardware

 Web Portal - Optimisation:

Using YourAmigo™, all information held in the enterprise, can be interrogated and indexed. This unique, automatic cataloguing of information provides a sophisticated search utility, where users can retrieve every piece of information from a search request.

This is particularly useful for organisations with a high volume of information that is changing rapidly. Because YourAmigo™ works in the background, all additions and changes to the information repository are automatically logged, providing users with a consistently updated index for their searches.

   Automatic information cataloguing
   Automatic tracking of changes
   Comprehensive search routines to retrieve all relevant information
   Notification of changes to sensitive information
   Dramatically increase user productivity
   Dramatically increase information accuracy


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