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Web Site Optimisation

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Increase Internet Search Ranking

Most internet users employ search engines to find information. But how can you guarantee a high search ranking and have your web site appear at the top of the results list?

 Page Structure:

Web spiders will avoid getting lost in a site. Hence, a well structured, consistent site will encourage a web spider to venture through all the site pages. Avoid using frames, they mask much of the site content to a web spider and may cause confusion if sub-pages are referenced directly from a search engine.
   Consistent navigation on all site pages
   Avoid pages with no onward links
   Avoid framed pages


Ensure the keywords for your pages are the words and phrases people commonly use when looking for this type of information. These keywords need to be suitably referenced throughout your page content. There is a fine line between too little and too much.

Flash objects and images do not reference keywords. Hence, messages shown in an animated style cannot be referenced by the search engine and will not be recognised.

   Keyword relevancy
   Keyword page density
   Avoid high usage of Flash content

 Link Relevance:

Search engines will also investigate sites you have links with for relevance to keyword information you specify. This works both ways, with sites linking to you giving you a higher search ranking.
   Links to relevant web sites
   Links to your site from relevant web sites


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