Customer Relationship Management : ensure your customers remain loyal and profitable


Customer Relationship Management

Improve direct sales through customer intimacy 

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Customer Relationship Management Services

Our CRM Services will focus on all interactions between your business and customers, with a view to improve revenue streams and reduce cost.

 Customer Relationship Management recognises:

   Each customer’s requirements are unique
   Information should be provided in a consistent & accurate manner
   Success is measured by customer acquisition, retention and profitability
   A CRM strategy must encapsulate and consolidate information across the   entire enterprise

 Customer Relationship Management will examine how you:

   Generate new customers
   Sell to your customers
   Retain existing customers
   Support existing customers
   Analyse sales effectiveness
   Introduce product/price information

 Customer Relationship Management will improve:

   Campaign management
   Opportunity tracking
   Contact management
   Unassisted selling
   Up-sell/cross-sell opportunities
   Support & services

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