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Increase Partner Productivity through Indirect Sales 

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PRM Services - indirect sales channel

PRM Services looks at the effectiveness with your indirect sales channel. How you collaborate with partners is critical. Maximising their selling potential requires a unique approach and understanding which differs from the more conventional direct selling techniques.

Using an indirect selling strategy may lead to lower costs and increased customer attention. However, indirect sales do come with certain challenges
    Less control over partners
    less visibility with indirect customers
    Inaccurate forecasting
    Inconsistent product/pricing information

PRM Services looks to address these issues by centralising your business critical information and providing partners with secure access.

 Improvements to your indirect sales channel:

   Visibility of customer information
   Accurate forecasting
   Increased partner service & loyalty

 Improvements for your PRM channel:

   Efficient selling process
   Accurate product/pricing information
   Immediate updates

 Improvements for your customers:

   Better products
   Responsive service
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