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Pricer Configuration at the Point of Sale

Complexity for sales configuration may not be in the product itself. A Pricer configuration model handles the many rules and factors that influence sales pricing, especially at the product component level.

Pricer configuration models can look at many different aspects before deciding on a price for a customer's product. Hence, eliminating the high potential of error and reducing time to generate a quote or construct a proposal.

An example would be providing a customer with a rental agreement for the purchase of a product. The agreed figure may have been derived from a number of variables; rental period, level of insurance, type of usage, type of customer, etc.

 Do you suffer with complex pricing?

   Inaccurate quotations
   High level of user queries regarding price
   Detailed price books (often out of date)
   Same product, different price
   Multi-national currencies

 Benefits of a Pricer Configuration Model:

   Provide timely quotations with price breakdowns
   Easy to maintain and keep up to date
   Provide user specific pricing and special rates
   Increase accuracy and reduce validation for quotations


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