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Product Configurators

The most common focus of sales configuration is the application to products with complex structures and numerous components. Typically, product configurators can be utilised to build extensive product hierarchies, driven by user preferences.

An example is a luxury car. The consumer has many options regarding make, model, engine size, colour, accessories etc. The factory has to build the vehicle from a specification outlining all the individual components required. The trick is ensuring the specification matches the customer's requirements. In the product configuration world, these specifications can become highly complex, with rules governing what can and can't be selected.

Another term for this specification is a bill of materials (BOM). The BOM can be used to electronically update other business systems. Some product configurators automatically generate these BOM structures.

 Do you suffer with complex products?

   Unfulfilled user requirements
   Long sales cycles
   High percentage of returned goods
   Product specialists being involved in sales activity

 Benefits of Product Configurators:

   Product matches user requirements 100%
   Reduced order validation
   Greatly reduced sales cycles
   Greater workforce efficiency


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